Stuart Robertson

Artist, Game Designer, Writer


Starting with traditional media I've mostly switched to digital artwork in recent years. My artwork has appeared in a number of books, shirt designs, and tabletop games.

Street Samurai

Street Samurai - Digital Illustration

Fantasy Environment - Pen & Ink

Spot Illustrations - Digital Illustration

Dungeon Monsters - Digital Illustration

Game Characters - Digital Illustration

Monk Character - Pen & Ink


I've worked on a number of different tabletop games as a designer, illustrator, and writer with books released in English, Italian and Polish. I'm honoured to have worked alongside many very creative people on these games.

Contributor - Knock #1

Designer - Strange Magic

Artist - HighFell: The Drifting Dungeon

Designer - Weird West

Artist - The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia

Writer - Citadel of Evil

Artist - The Excellent Travelling Volume #8

Artist - The Manse on Murder Hill


Shirts are available at

Nosferatu Shirt

Old School Gamer Shirt

Cyberpunk Shirt

About Me

I live in Ontario, Canada with my wife and children. In addition to art and games I also enjoy music, nature, horror hosts, monster movies, as well as taking care of our many pets. I've been working in IT and Web Design since 1996 and decided it was finally time to setup a website for my creative work.


If you are publishing a book and would like to contact me about artwork, please use the form below.